The growing interest in environmental issues is creating new markets for products and services that are genuinely eco-compatible. This new economic parameter is the adoption of a series of instruments that measure, control and check the environmental performance.

LCA - Life Cycle Analysis
Life cycle analysis is a method for analyzing manufacturing processes, products and services, which considers product and  systems from a global viewpoint. The only way to study production systems completely is step by step examination of their performance, i.e. the route covered by the raw materials through all of the transformation and transportation processes until the final treatment. This approach is termed "from cradle to grave". 
The role of LCA is essential in identifying the manufacturing processes that have the greatest environmental impact and then indicating options for improvement in order to maximizee positive effects and reduce negative effects on the environment.

EPD - Environmental Product Declaration
EPD is an important voluntary instrument for qualifying companies that intend to take an active role in managing the environment factor. The EPD enables communication of the environmental contents of a product, objectively and transparently.
The presence of a set of recognized rules, based on a reliable validation system and enforced by a qualified and authoritative managing body, is essential to guaranteeing and protecting the application of EPD.